About Us

Emayye is making improvements for future productions by working with valuable customers and continuing enamel production.

Emayye Metal

About Us

Emayye Metal, which started its activities in Yalova, is a company specialized in the production of enamel cooking products and presentation-service groups.

Emayye Metal continues its production under the brand name "Emayye" with its 6000 m² closed production facility built on 21.000 m² open area, 126 machines and 53 personnel. The company's products are proudly exported all over the world.

To produce healthy, decorative and long-lasting enameled kitchen utensils in European standards and to present them to our valued customers.

Each product is shaped, colored, coated by hand to ensure high quality.

Our products are decorative, modern and stylish with licensed patterns and colors.

It has an anti-bacterial surface and also prevents allergic reactions.

Can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher without using scratching wire/sponge.